About Netco

Netco is a Wellington-based Web developer and copy writer, established in 1995.

We design, develop and build websites and write web page content.

Netco is practised at designing and developing to New Zealand government website guidelines for customers who require it. For many years we have served central government sites and those of small businesses as developers, maintainers and advisers.

Netco’s content-writing services provide copy  for websites, newsletters, ghost-written articles, blog entries, media releases and anything else that involves stringing words together in a literate and concise fashion.

We can also produce your corporate video, script and direct it or assemble a catalogue DVD

We are mindful that a website structure is only half the project – it needs content to attract and retain the interest of both your customers and casual visitors, liberally sprinkled with key words to register your site favourably with Google and Bing search engines.

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