While it can be a pleasure to read words, it can also be painful. There is much about universities that is good. There is also much that appears to piss money away on nonsense, indulging foolish dreamers who should be told to leave and try to do something with their lives.

The result: gibberish
Extract from : Philosophical Frontiers of Ancient Science

It’s probably clear that I’m quite fascinated by the nature of disciplines: what they enable, what they block, as well as the forms of paradisciplinarity they produce. They’re not only a collection of historically contingent strategies for approaching strange texts, artifacts, and problems. They’re forms of constraint that enable us to get outside ourselves and think differently: otherwise, we can’t really get any traction on the present. That said, the kinds of questions that interest me, in particular, ask for methodological pluralism and suppleness. To get somewhere with them you have to be able to navigate between disciplines, to work with them, to reach beyond them, to make your own connections. In a way this is just to say that intellectual work is informed, on the one hand, by method—transindividual, reproducible practices—and on the other hand by the singularity that comes from there being an infinite number of possible connections out of which any individual builds a case of persuasive sensemaking.

And sometimes they remain at university as the above author did. As a professor of classics at Princeton University, Brooke Holmes probably has tenure so that she can spout this nonsense and inflict her gibberish and pomposity on young minds till she sees through herself. Sucks at credibility

You know how some naysayers claim that the web is full of crap and that little on it is credible. I roll my eyes and decide that they’ve been looking in the wrong places. And then you stumble upon a piece of crap that reveals itself as crap with only the slightest investigation.

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Has someone mentioned you on the web?


It is not vanity to want to know when your name is mentioned somewhere on a web page. It is also not difficult to find out as it happens and be alerted in your email box.

Google’s search engine has many little tricks under the sparse front page that serves as its metaphorical bonnet. Find out simply when someone uses your name (or refers, perhaps, to someone identically named). If you are John Smith, expect many false alarms.

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Protect your domain name in New Zealand

Domain names available in ,nz

It must be 23-years since New Zealand companies scrambled to register their name or product against a domain name. It’s time to scramble again because you can now drop the, and and just have plain old .nz Hang on to the originals because they’re still perfectly usable but make sure your competitor doesn’t get the new version.

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Mobile heaven

Lenovo 920S

A year ago I hit upon a mobile phone, calendar and contacts combination that was so close to perfect that it would have done me for some years. So I sold the phone and started again.

I really liked that Nokia 920 mobile with wireless charger. It felt more like Apple’s build quality than some of the plastic Android phones and it worked superbly.

I bought the Nokia so that I could sync my contacts, calendar and tasks easily between my PC and phone.

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Microsoft – can you write software better than you write English?

Most mission statements are mush. Read any corporation’s or (if you are having a really good day and want to make your self feel despondent) government department’s mission statement to realise how poorly the 26 letters of the alphabet can be organised.

Platitudes, jargon, euphemisms and plain junk writing infest many if not most of these dog piles.

Imagine this situation: a software company, perhaps once the greatest, needs to reinvent itself to adapt to changing hardware forms, such as tablets and smart phones. It reorganises itself to be able to compete and stay relevant.

It’s Microsoft, of course, once a stock market darling and innovator. These days it’s beginning to resemble a stagecoach about a decade after trains began running on time.

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Apple iPhone fizzles

As mad as a nest full of loony Scientologists, Apple fan bois gather each September to stand and cheer and yell because Apple releases an updated version of the iPhone. Once revolutionary, the iPhone has struggled recently against Google’s free Android operating system. Korean conglomerate, Samsung, using Android,  has swept the floor with Apple in the past couple of years and the old leaders, Nokia and Blackberry have withered.

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