Mobile heaven

Lenovo 920S

A year ago I hit upon a mobile phone, calendar and contacts combination that was so close to perfect that it would have done me for some years. So I sold the phone and started again.

I really liked that Nokia 920 mobile with wireless charger. It felt more like Apple’s build quality than some of the plastic Android phones and it worked superbly.

I bought the Nokia so that I could sync my contacts, calendar and tasks easily between my PC and phone.

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Apple iPhone fizzles

As mad as a nest full of loony Scientologists, Apple fan bois gather each September to stand and cheer and yell because Apple releases an updated version of the iPhone. Once revolutionary, the iPhone has struggled recently against Google’s free Android operating system. Korean conglomerate, Samsung, using Android,  has swept the floor with Apple in the past couple of years and the old leaders, Nokia and Blackberry have withered.

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