Apple iPhone fizzles

As mad as a nest full of loony Scientologists, Apple fan bois gather each September to stand and cheer and yell because Apple releases an updated version of the iPhone. Once revolutionary, the iPhone has struggled recently against Google’s free Android operating system. Korean conglomerate, Samsung, using Android,  has swept the floor with Apple in the past couple of years and the old leaders, Nokia and Blackberry have withered.

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Topstyle5 – a great editor

Topstyle 5

Topstyle, the HTML, CSS and PHP text editor has been out now for some months in version 5 and it is the best editor of its type that I have used in nearly 20 years of developing web sites. I don’t say that lightly – I’m fussy as I sit on a keyboard 9 hours a day.

I was an early user of HotDog, an HTML editor that appeared around 1995. It was such an improvement on Notepad that I bought the next two versions without hesitation. Then I discovered Homesite around 1998 and stuck with it through its sale to Macromedia and then Adobe until the latter abandoned it.

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Samsung Kies software sucks

Kies software from Samsung is very poorly written - avoid it

Generally speaking, Samsung makes polished products. Its mobile phones, in particular, impress me and I enjoy electronic gadgets and have bought them since the early eighties. Samsung’s mobile phones are so good that they easily outsell the Apple iPhone worldwide. That’s why it’s a pity that Samsung can’t write software to save itself.

Samsung has the advantage of a range of mobiles that cover small to large screens. I am currently using a Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N70000 mobile, with a screen size of more than 5-inches. It makes the cramped iPhone screen look comical.

Having said that, Samsung does cripple its phones’ usefulness with software called Kies, a poorly written piece of software that should let Samsung Android mobile owners synchronise their Outlook contacts and calendars with the phone. Apple’s equivalent is the much-cursed (at least on Windows) iTunes. But iTunes works!

Kies breaks computers and is to be avoided at all costs. It has been bad for years and it continues, with each update, to stay bad. Kies should be rewritten from the ground up or written off.

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