Samsung Kies software sucks

Kies software from Samsung is very poorly written - avoid it

Generally speaking, Samsung makes polished products. Its mobile phones, in particular, impress me and I enjoy electronic gadgets and have bought them since the early eighties. Samsung’s mobile phones are so good that they easily outsell the Apple iPhone worldwide. That’s why it’s a pity that Samsung can’t write software to save itself.

Samsung has the advantage of a range of mobiles that cover small to large screens. I am currently using a Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N70000 mobile, with a screen size of more than 5-inches. It makes the cramped iPhone screen look comical.

Having said that, Samsung does cripple its phones’ usefulness with software called Kies, a poorly written piece of software that should let Samsung Android mobile owners synchronise their Outlook contacts and calendars with the phone. Apple’s equivalent is the much-cursed (at least on Windows) iTunes. But iTunes works!

Kies breaks computers and is to be avoided at all costs. It has been bad for years and it continues, with each update, to stay bad. Kies should be rewritten from the ground up or written off.

Google “Kies Outlook problem” and you’ll see what I mean.

In my case, Kies refused point blank to recognise that I had a Samsung Note mobile plugged into my PC. After running Kies as Windows administrator, Kies agreed that, yes, I did have the phone plugged in. That only took an afternoon with several updates, regression to an older version of Kies, an uninstall and upgrade again and then half an hour hunting down users with the same problem to see how they’d overcome it. Most hadn’t.

Getting Kies to recognise the phone was only the first step. Then, I had to get it to synchronise my contacts and calendar with Microsoft Outlook. That’s easier said than done. It worked only intermittently and then returned to the old “You haven’t plugged in a compatible phone” message.

My solution, after an hour of scouring the web for help, was to ignore Kies and synchronise my contacts and calendar using Gmail and Microsoft’s cloud Outlook service. Now I get two of each appointment and contact on my Galaxy Note mobile. That’s better than where I was under Kies. I will eventually discard either Outlook or Gmail after I have decided which I prefer.

The last straw came today when Kies held onto the outlook.exe file and when I quit Outlook, its process was still running. It held onto outward mail and wouldn’t fetch new mail until I stopped outlook.exe manually (Ctrl-Alt-Del and select the ‘processes’ tab and hunt out outlook.exe and stop it). Restarting Outlook stopped the problem until next time I tried to quit it.

I uninstalled Kies this afternoon. It is poorly written junk.

I don’t recommend that anyone who wants to synchronise PC content with a smartphone ever buys a Samsung mobile until he or she  reads somewhere that Samsung has rewritten Kies and even then, wait for version 2 of the rewrite.

HTC’s synchronising software is very basic but, unlike Samsung’s Kies,  it works most of the time.