Sucks at credibility

You know how some naysayers claim that the web is full of crap and that little on it is credible. I roll my eyes and decide that they’ve been looking in the wrong places. And then you stumble upon a piece of crap that reveals itself as crap with only the slightest investigation.

Something about this story on Lifescoop didn’t ring true. It shows a pair of twins, one of whom was alleged to have won money at an on-line betting site. She is said to have found her husband cheating on her with her twin.

What you see is not what you get

Seeking legal advice she found out how to put the money into a company, divorce the cad and keep it all to herself. Yeah, whatever.

Intrigued that local media had missed the story, I Googled “Lilly Smith” (the name Lifescoop invented for her) and found she was invisible in Wellington, New Zealand, the home they concocted. Twins with bleached teeth that look like this pair don’t go unnoticed in a town a small as Wellington.

Her lawyer allegedly advised her to set up a company and that was supposed to take 6 months. In New Zealand it takes ten clicks of a mouse, not 6 months to register a company! She seemed to be using two-timing as grounds for divorce. Seedy private detectives peeping through motel curtains have not been needed in New Zealand for more than  30 years. Living apart is grounds enough. Not only was the article starting to look like crap, it was poorly researched crap.

There was the small matter of joint marital property that would have annulled the company-registration deception.

I hunted for the image on Tineye (, which finds duplicates of images on the web. The image of the pearly twins appeared on nearly 70 different websites. The earliest I found was January 2010, 5 years earlier than the purported shot of the bleached twins. Most of the sites were soft porn shots of toothy sets of bikini-clad twins, with nary a mention of gambling and two-timing and divorce.Tineye finds the twins -  over and over

Lifescoop lifted The image of the so-called cad  entertaining his sister-in-law at a pool party in Wellington from a Daily Mail story on some bloke who fancied himself, entertaining a bimbo in Ibiza. It’s not even the twin. I know a lot of people don’t trust the veracity of the Mail Online but I fancy them over Lifescoop.

The Daily Mail

So everything on the web is not crap. It’s just sites like the Lifescoop that give that impression. They may have done so for click revenue as I don’t think it was entirely coincidental that the on-line gambling site on which the twin was alleged to have won the money  has also splattered the page with its advertising.