Website maintenance

Netco has provided website maintenance services for many years to government departments and local organisations.

For various reasons, perhaps because of lack of specialist staff or deadlines for their core work, organisations sometimes need hired help to add and edit their sites’ content, loading new information and culling old to keep the site current and relevant.

Netco has specialised in this type of work since the mid-nineties.

We can maintain your site on a contract basis, working only as required, adding and removing content and doing the housekeeping such as running regular link checks to winnow out dead links and orphan pages.

There is nothing more irrelevant than a neglected web site, crammed with dated information and dead links.

Netco also updates content on a contract basis, crafting articles and blog entries from supplied  fact sheets.

Many people have trouble trying to write consistent, concise content regularly. Netco can take this chore away from you and write interesting and relevant content to keep your site attractive to both search engines and visitors. We work from as little as a few bullet points or a multi-page document that needs sub-editing down to the bare bones.

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