How to write a press release

Press releases are pumped out by the millions, daily, around the world. Most end up in the recycle bin, their messages ignored and lost. Most earn their place in the recycle bin.

With a bit of thought though, you can make yours one of the lucky ones, one of those that those that get plucked from the screen or envelope and put to use, promoting whatever it is that caused you to write the press release in the first instance.

Here are some guidelines to help your press releases flourish briefly. The advice is gleaned from my having been on the receiving end of, perhaps, tens of thousands of them over several decades’ toil in a newsroom.

1. How to structure a press release »»

Businesses and people publish press releases as a way of attracting attention in the media to themselves. They do it because they might be trying to stoke up interest in an issue or to cool it down.

2. Writing Style »»

Your writing style and use of language are important and need serious thought because they matter to your audience you know, those people whose opinions you’re trying to sway.

3. Composing the release »»

All press releases, no matter their subject, must have a beginning, middle and an end. The beginning and middle are by far the most important of the three.

4. Placing a Release »»

After you have written the perfect press release, you must aim it at a likely prospect and time its release to advantage.

5. Timing the Release »»

Hit while your news is hot. Wait even a week and your timing will be out. Today’s hot news wraps fish and chips tomorrow.

6. Presenting the angle »»

The angle of a press release often determines whether it gets used or binned.

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