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13 September 2012

News release


Netco New Zealand chosen to join government

Common Web Professional Services Syndicate


Netco New Zealand Ltd is delighted to have been chosen as a web technical writer in the government’s Professional Services Syndicated Panel.

The programme seeks to simplify the process by which government agencies commission web development, content and design companies to work on their web sites.

It follows a previous programme in which a panel of preferred legal specialists was formed.

Netco has been chosen as a web content writer, a task that it has performed for the past seventeen years. Netco’s first project was to establish a web site for the prime minister and cabinet in 1995. The site continues as

Netco’s owner, John Spavin has spent more than 35 years as a professional writer for radio, television and newspapers and is a published author. Mr Spavin established Netco in 1995 to develop websites and write web page content.

In the years since, Netco has worked on sites for many government departments, agencies, community groups and small businesses.

Netco also writes and produces a wide range of material, including articles for publication, newsletters, speeches and web copy.

The company is based in Lower Hutt. For details on the panel, see



John Spavin

04 498 6008

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