How to use the media

New Zealand is awash with voices in this Internet age and although newspapers, radio and TV newsrooms may seem to be floundering about trying to stay relevant (and profitable), they still command the most credibility and respect in the babble.

Being quoted, courted and reported in the mainstream media is a goal to aim for if you have the personality, ambition and the commercial need to crave the attention.

1. The Challenge »»

The day you set up shop, hang out the shingle or mortgage the house to set up in business you may figure large in your own mind but be invisible to most people. You’ll lack a media profile and potential customers may never have heard of you.

2. Contacts »»

Contacts with reporters provide short cuts into news rooms. Reporters work a lot on trust. If they receive a news tip or release from a stranger, they must first check out the stranger’s credentials before deciding whether they have a story.

3. Becoming known as an expert »»

The first step to becoming a local expert is just to become one. It can be done in several ways and all should be attempted simultaneously. It is easier to become a local expert by supplying comment and opinion pieces than it is to stir a reporter into chasing you for comment.

4. The media »»

The media is awash with content generated by public relations writers. Their goal is to place material in editorial content rather than advertorial.

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